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As we have not been able to attract enough members to some of our local events, CIM Northamptonshire's committee has created a CIM Virtual Branch on LinkedIn. If you are a member of LinkedIn, please join the group here

Following a break, CIM Northamptonshire's next two events are shown in the posting below and on the CIM Events Pages.

The first will be in Northampton on 22ndMay 2013, helping you to "Find out where social media fits in the new customer-driven marketing mix"

The second will be a "Survive and thrive" afternoon event on 6th June 2013 at the University of Northampton, Sunley Management Centre.

If you have any questions, please post them on this blog or on the CIM Virtual Branch on LinkedIn.

CIM Regional Events

CIM Regional Events
CIM events events are a great way to share best practice and network with like-minded professionals. Discover what's happening in your region.

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19th November 2009 - Northampton - Fateful attraction - or how to align employer and personal branding


How do you know that your values match a potential employer's values?

Organisations are increasingly focusing on employer brand, both as a way of competing effectively in the labour market and also to drive employee loyalty through effective recruitment, engagement and retention practices. Just as marketers seek to understand their customers, HR people benefit from gaining 'employee insight' to inform HR strategy, influence the design of internal communication strategies and design effective people management initiatives.

This raises some important questions: do organisations know they are attracting the type of person that fits with their values, culture and purpose? When applying for a job, does an individual know that their values, purpose and motivations fit with those of their prospective employer?

The answer is not as clear cut as a simple yes or no even though a lot of research is probably done on both sides of this equation: yet in instances when one side gets it wrong, a lot of physical and emotional disruption is caused; and that is before the financial cost is counted. If benefits are to be reaped from employer branding, it is crucial that there is collaborative working between HR specialists and colleagues in marketing and internal communications functions.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality profiling tool based on preferences which enable you to assess your psychological type; and some interesting work has been done with MBTI to assess organisations in a similar way.

This workshop explores the MBTI at both an individual and organisational level and links with the notion of employer branding.

Workshop content:

* Introduction to the MBTI framework
* Understanding type - personal perspective
* Understanding type - organisational perspective
* Employer branding

The intention of the workshop is to inform, encourage discussion and debate. Participants will be encouraged to share their experience and examples and will be offered a 50% discount on a personal MBTI profiling questionnaire and feedback session which is normally priced at £120 plus VAT.

Workshop delivered by Level Seven (UK) Limited, a Northampton-based talent and leadership development consultancy.

When: 19th November 2009

Where: Holiday Inn, Northampton

How to Book: Visit the CIM website
here or call (0)1628 427340

This event attracts 2 hours CPD

16th September 2009 - Northampton - The missing link between direct mail and the internet


The missing link between direct mail and the internet Marketing one to one delivers real results!

The problem:
Summer 2007, response rates and overall return on investment (ROI) from all Moneypenny direct mail campaigns were dramatically dropping despite introduction of external agency experts. There were no quantifiable or tangible measures of the relationship between online and offline marketing.

Moneypenny was blind and had limited opportunities to learn what was causing the slide. Agencies had no real answers. Direct mail generated a high volume of internet traffic, but a low volume of clients and the question was why. We needed to know more, a lot more, fast. We required a different, unique approach that combined education about the product with a sales opportunity, and an increased ROI on the £650k direct marketing budget.

Moneypenny required a method of:
a. Increasing offline responses
b. Measuring the online education journey
c. Presenting different scenarios to specific individuals and sectors
d. Measuring the EXACT impact online of offline activity
e. Converting ‘educated’ visitors who don’t initiate contact
f. Increasing ROI

The solution
Combining the impact of personalised direct mail with a truly personalised online tool. Prospective clients view a personalised website that reflects their individual and their sector’s needs. Moneypenny learns from each individual visitor exactly what their journey and preferences are and responds accordingly.

Using technical expertise from the US, database driven variable text and imagery, Moneypenny has overcome the anonymity of direct mail campaigns and now speaks directly to its prospects, concentrating just on their own specific needs and wants.

Speaker: Rachel Clacher, co-founder, Moneypenny. Moneypenny is the UK’s leader in telephone answering and outsourced reception services. Established in 2000 by brother and sister team Ed Reeves and Rachel Clacher, today it looks after four million calls a year calls for over three thousand businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK.

Rachel Clacher



Holiday Inn,
Bedford Road

For further information and to book please visit or contact

10th June 2009 - Loughborough - Take it to the world - The power of exporting

The Chartered Institute of Marketing and UK Trade and Investment East Midlands are proud to present an opportunity for members and guests to attend this high profile masterclass in International Marketing.

Many hail exporting as a leading driver in terms of business recovery from the current financial climate. This flagship event for the East Midlands held in World Trade Week gives companies an unrivalled opportunity to discover what potential they have in the worldwide marketplace and discover what help is available to develop their international trade potential.

Hear from a range of guest speakers including Allyson Stewart-Allen who have a proven record of international success - and attend masterclasses aimed at giving useful tips on how to succeed overseas. The day will involve keynotes, smaller working groups, an exhibition incorporating an international departure lounge with country desks full of specific market information.

For more details, click here.

Who should attend?
Business owners and marketing personnel from businesses who are already trading overseas or who think their business has an export potential and wish to find out more.

09:30 to 16:00
CPD Hours:
Sir Denis Rooke Building
Holywell Park
Loughborough University
LE11 3TU

Location map

Price information
Member: £25.00
Studying Member: £25.00
Student: £30.00
Guest: £30.00

The event includes lunch, refreshments and networking opportunities.

Please book online for this event.

If you cannot do so please call The Chartered Institute of Marketing on +44 (0)1628 427340.

28th April 2009 - Northampton - How to evolve a brand with heritage - The Avon Cosmetics Story

Avon is the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related products, and with a global annual turnover of $8 billion it is truly one of the world's superbrands. Avon markets its products to women in more than 100 countries via it's five million independent sales representatives - often fondly known as the Avon Lady. The roots of Avon can be traced back to 1886, and staying true to this heritage whilst balancing the desire to continually evolve the brand, is a challenge the company and its marketers work at to ensure it remains relevant in today's society and continues to keep its store fresh and exciting, without alienating its core audiences.
This fascinating case study from two experienced senior marketers from Avon will highlight some of the key strategic branding lessons that will inform, entertain and motivate aspiring and experienced marketers alike.

Speakers: Kirsty Colburn and Brendan Healey

Kirsty Colbourne is Head of Category Marketing for Avon Cosmetics and has worked in various senior management roles throughout the marketing team including the international division, and as a member of the team opening new markets in many Central and European countries. Kirsty has also worked leading the communications and incentives team who work closely with the sales group to keep representatives informed and excited about key marketing initiatives. Kirsty now heads up the newly devised marketing strategy and business development unit which aspires to keep feeding fresh and new ideas into the marketing team to help Avon maintain and grow its market share.

Brendan Healey is Marketing Strategy and Brand Development Manager at Avon. For the last eight years Brendan has worked across many of the different functions within the marketing group including the campaign marketing, and brand across most of the beauty categories including brand manager on fragrance where he delivered one of the biggest launches to date for Avon UK with the new Christian Lacroix - Rouge and Noir fragrances.

CPD Hours:
Holiday Inn Northampton,
Bedford Road,

Location map

Member: £9.80
Studying Member: Free
Student: £9.80
Guest: £14.70

Please book online for this event.
If you cannot do so please call The Chartered Institute of Marketing on +44 (0)1628 427120

18th March 2009 - Northampton - The role of digital in business today

Meet the future of marketing communications!

The University of Northampton's advertising, design and PR professional practice student exhibition is your opportunity to see how students are developing knowledge and skills directly relevant to the communications industry. Your feedback, expertise and insight will of be of great benefit to the students and enable them to develop professionally.

Following the exhibition, Andy Peppiatt, Digital Group Account Director at the digital agency TEQUILA\London will explain all about digital in business in the first annual marketing lecture.

  • What is the role of the website in a new customer experience?
  • Where do digital strategies fit with managing existing customer contacts?
  • Why should I worry about how my brand is represented online?
  • Will social media marketing live or die?

The Atrium, Rockingham Library
University of Northampton Park Campus
Broughton Green Road
Location map of the venue.

Start Time: 18:15
CPD Hours: 2.5

Members: £7.30
Studying Members: Free
Student Non-Members: Free
Guests: £14.70
Price includes light buffet and refreshments

Book Online Now

If you cannot book online please call The Chartered Institute of Marketing on
+44 (0) 1628 427340

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