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As we have not been able to attract enough members to some of our local events, CIM Northamptonshire's committee has created a CIM Virtual Branch on LinkedIn. If you are a member of LinkedIn, please join the group here

Following a break, CIM Northamptonshire's next two events are shown in the posting below and on the CIM Events Pages.

The first will be in Northampton on 22ndMay 2013, helping you to "Find out where social media fits in the new customer-driven marketing mix"

The second will be a "Survive and thrive" afternoon event on 6th June 2013 at the University of Northampton, Sunley Management Centre.

If you have any questions, please post them on this blog or on the CIM Virtual Branch on LinkedIn.

19th November 2009 - Northampton - Fateful attraction - or how to align employer and personal branding


How do you know that your values match a potential employer's values?

Organisations are increasingly focusing on employer brand, both as a way of competing effectively in the labour market and also to drive employee loyalty through effective recruitment, engagement and retention practices. Just as marketers seek to understand their customers, HR people benefit from gaining 'employee insight' to inform HR strategy, influence the design of internal communication strategies and design effective people management initiatives.

This raises some important questions: do organisations know they are attracting the type of person that fits with their values, culture and purpose? When applying for a job, does an individual know that their values, purpose and motivations fit with those of their prospective employer?

The answer is not as clear cut as a simple yes or no even though a lot of research is probably done on both sides of this equation: yet in instances when one side gets it wrong, a lot of physical and emotional disruption is caused; and that is before the financial cost is counted. If benefits are to be reaped from employer branding, it is crucial that there is collaborative working between HR specialists and colleagues in marketing and internal communications functions.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality profiling tool based on preferences which enable you to assess your psychological type; and some interesting work has been done with MBTI to assess organisations in a similar way.

This workshop explores the MBTI at both an individual and organisational level and links with the notion of employer branding.

Workshop content:

* Introduction to the MBTI framework
* Understanding type - personal perspective
* Understanding type - organisational perspective
* Employer branding

The intention of the workshop is to inform, encourage discussion and debate. Participants will be encouraged to share their experience and examples and will be offered a 50% discount on a personal MBTI profiling questionnaire and feedback session which is normally priced at £120 plus VAT.

Workshop delivered by Level Seven (UK) Limited, a Northampton-based talent and leadership development consultancy.

When: 19th November 2009

Where: Holiday Inn, Northampton

How to Book: Visit the CIM website
here or call (0)1628 427340

This event attracts 2 hours CPD

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